Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Acupuncture, Qigong

Wu Tang Dao is here to present you with the best option for Traditional Chinese Medicine and martial arts in Philadelphia. This coupling of medicine and movement was designed by Sifu John Chen in order to provide you with the quality treatment and instruction you need for achieving your goal of living a confident, pain-free, active lifestyle.

Kung Fu, Tai Chi and Qigong classes forming NOW!
To sign up call 215-882-2804 or contact us for details and to register.

Special Events: Seminars and Demonstrations

The studio is OPEN, we currently have three in person classes each week. We encourage people to visit the studio to see what would benefit them personally. Wu Tang Dao also participates in Chinese New Years Day exhibitions, World Tai Chi Day, and occasional martial arts competitions. Watch this space for more special events information.

What our students say:

“I met Sifu John Chen after two years of searching for a teacher who could help me raise my understanding of Tai Chi. Needless to say, from that moment on, Sifu Chen has been an encouraging, thoughtful teacher demonstrating endless patience and knowledge in any private or group class I attend – bringing new strength, confidence and balance to my life.”

Walter R.

“I didn’t think there was an answer other than surgery when I was diagnosed with a winged scapula exacerbated by scoliosis. I was a bit skeptical but decided to give Chinese Medicine a try. Upon my first visit with Sifu John, I knew he could help. I put my trust in him and now, 2 months later, the scapula that was once on the side of my body is almost completely back in place with his help. 

Sifu John Chen is very knowledgeable and a true master of the body. He treats his patients with a holistic, integrated approach to diagnose and treat accordingly. Along the way he answered any questions and taught me how to be my own healer. I encourage anyone to make an appointment with John, whether it be for treatment of a specific injury, general pain, or (honestly) anything! I am forever grateful for his help and now live pain free.”

Alexis B.

“Traditional Chinese martial arts from a respected lineage.  If you’re looking for solid training in these arts without the smoke and mirrors, this is one of the best places in the Philadelphia area.”

Ivan I.

“Our oldest son started taking the Kung Fu Kids class when he was 5 years old. Both Sifu John and Teacher Alex were extremely welcoming and kind, they put our son at ease right away and he immediately loved the whole experience! My husband, who was heavily involved in Kung Fu when he lived in Boston, was looking for a traditional Kung Fu school where the emphasis is not on belt acquisition but instead on personal growth. He felt this school fit the bill exactly and decided to join the adult classes as well (and loves that too!).”

“As pediatricians, we were looking for an activity that would provide excellent physical exercise while promoting healthy habits and being fun at the same time. The Kung Fu Kids class has provided all of that and so much more. The confidence and discipline our son has gained has been amazing. What I appreciate most about this school is the intimate class size and personal attention my son receives every week. I cannot thank Sifu John and Teacher Alex enough! Our younger son cannot wait to join the fun!”

Helen G.

“As someone in his 40s, I decided that I needed to wrap my mind around something else besides work and home. I wanted to practice physical coordination instead of coordination of schedules, with the hopes of walking into retirement with something I’ve been doing for 20+ years instead of starting something completely new.

While traditional forms are taught, so are the intent and functions of the movements. Tai chi is a martial art. Without knowing the intentions of the move, the finer details would not be apparent. The beginning was a little daunting because this was all very new to me. Trying to catch up and not trip over myself was my first concern. But after a while, it did come together and my mind started focusing on the details. I completed memorizing the first form in a year, but I’m still practicing and learning it as I move on to others.

Tai chi balances out what I’m doing for most of my day, and accomplishes what I originally set out to find: balance. All the while, I’m learning how to better defend myself. I would recommend this school to anyone interested in improving their fitness and balance, to anyone who is looking to wrap their heads around something besides the daily grind. Of course, to anyone looking to specifically learn tai chi, I highly recommend this school for the depth and explanation that is taught.”

Ray V.