Tai Chi

Our Tai Chi class is held every Tuesday at 5.30pm. Our students learn how to benefit from the rejuvenating qualities of Tai Chi. We begin our class with Qigong and stretching, preparing our body for learning the 32 posture Tai-Chi Chuan, or system. Following our balance and strength training, our students enjoy detailed instruction in learning the Yang style Tai Chi form.

We explore, in detail, the postures of Yang Tai-Chi. The practitioner can expect to improve his or her balance and strength by practicing the Tai Chi Chuan. One can improve his or her mental health and focused intent by experiencing the principles of Yin and Yang through Tai-Chi. Everyone is encouraged to recognize the martial application of each posture used in self-defense to achieve a better awareness of the strength and softness, the Yin and Yang, of each posture.